The Zoo

The Zoo is my current manuscript

It is a novel that perfectly captures the zeitgeist of our times. It speaks of our collective disillusionment in financial institutions, of Broken Britain, our ever increasing reliance on technology and the way in which we can view humanitarian disasters in other countries with detachment through our television screen. 

It discusses the ability for human beings to continue blindly on a path and to lose track of the values they once stood for. It is an examination of greed and what it takes for a society to hit rock bottom and work it's way back up again, while at the same time being a story of personal culpability and redemption. 

Advertising Creative Director James Marlowe is sectioned. His actions are governed by a mysterious set of toy figurines called The Zoo. They appear to represent his guilt over the events that led him to be locked away.

In his previous life he won an account of a large bank, and upon finding out they were involved in genocide in an African country, he descended into a self-destructive spiral, as his professional and personal life fell apart about him.

To repair his life he needs to understand the significance of The Zoo - to himself, to his family and to the world. But in order to do so he has to reach places in his damaged psyche that threaten to destroy him.