Of Blood and Lines

‘Of Blood and Lines’ is an 87,000 word psychological thriller with elements of horror; David Peace rewriting Brett Easton-Ellis’s ‘Lunar Park’ under the guidance of Stephen King.

Haunted by the disappearance of her father Grace is struggling with a barely suppressed drug addiction and an abusive relationship. Against the backdrop of a series of grizzly murders Grace meets Maximilian, an amnesiac.

Maximilian kidnaps Grace and locks her in his crumbling home. They engage in a battle of wills, which culminate in her turning the tables, but he won’t tell her how to get out of the house. As they starve the boundaries of reality, story and Stockholm syndrome merge. 

Convincing her to let him out if he takes them back to Canada, they return to the scene of Grace’s childhood and she attempts to discover the truth about her family.