Litopia After Dark- Dances with Smurfs

This Friday was my monthly appearance on Litopia After Dark.

"The British government has a creative solution to the growing unemployment problem: their  Job Centers are offering unemployed women jobs on X-rated websites.  Female applicants are told they can earn up to £700 ($1000) a week if they have explicit phone conversations with customers.  Since Litopia After Dark is nothing if not an equal-opportunity arena, we’re giving our very own Dave Bartram an opportunity tonight to run his very own male, seriously hirsute and a bit grumpy chat line… the result is, well, oddly stimulating.

Our special guest tonight is Simon Flynn, managing director of highly-respect indie British publisher Icon Books.  Together with marketing whizz Jamie Mollart and high-flying author and lawyer Donna Ballman, tonight’s show is our usual blend of seriously cutting-edge thought and flippantly blunt-edge humor… we think you’ll like it!"

You can listen to the show here.